About Porchfest

Everything You Need to Know


How did Porchfest come to be?

In 2017, the city of Cranford, New Jersey was seeking to create an inclusive, town-wide event for residents of all ages to enjoy. Inspired by a neighborhood music festival in Ithaca, NY, Cranford launched its very first Porchfest that October. Porchfest is a celebration of music for people of all ages when, for one afternoon, porches, stoops, and lawns all over the town became stages and people can stroll from porch to porch, listening, singing, dancing, and connecting with their neighbors.

Porchfest Comes to Cranford.

Every second Sunday of October, from 2pm to 5:00pm, Cranford hosts it annual Porchfest with a finale performance downtown at 5:30pm.

Cranford residents are invited to host a porch that will feature three, one-hour musical acts. Want to help out as a volunteer? Want to be a good neighbor? Want to wander about and enjoy the fun? Then we have the event for you!

2020 Rules pertaining to COVID

In order to be permitted to host Cranford Porchfest during the COVID pandemic, we have to adhere to certain requirements. All attendees must maintain a social distance of six feet and wear masks at all times

For those who are medically fragile or uncomfortable attending a large outdoor event, we will be broadcasting the event on Facebook and portions of the event on TV 35. We hope you join us virtually.

If you are uncomfortable wearing a mask, please take advantage of watching from the

comfort of your own home. 

How does it work?

Cranford’s Porchfest is family-friendly community music festival and open to all!  The afternoon consists of porch performances at private homes by  individual bands and musicians performing various types of music. The organizing committee manages the basic logistics, coordinates performances and promotes the day.

Is there a map or some kind of schedule?

Yep. You can view it here online, view it on your mobile device or download a map and print-at-home.


Will you be closing streets?

Yes! The Cranford Police Department will use their discretion to close down all streets with hosting Porchfest proches. 


We will still be sharing public space and making every effort to accommodate one another. For drivers, this means slowing down and expecting to find pedestrians, bikes, and families spilling out into the streets. For those enjoying the festival, it means being mindful that sometimes people in cars need to get somewhere. It's the neighborly thing to do.


Do the musicians get paid?

No one does! Organizers, performers, porch hosts, and others all participate are volunteers and all give freely of their time, talents, resources, and hospitality as a neighborhood. This year all performances will be made possible by the voluntary contributions of many people.

Food and Drink

Porchfest has no prohibitions on outside food so feel free to bring your own. Please consider picking up food from one of our local restaurants and packing a picnic! Or, after the finale, head to a local restaurant with friends for dinner

Alcoholic Beverages

There are no alcohol sales or consumption permitted in prohibited public areas. Event performances take place on private property but are linked by public streets and spaces. When in public, you're responsible for your own behavior and subject to all existing ordinances regarding alcohol consumption.  Remember that all of our venues are someone’s property so be sure to clean up after yourself.

Is there a hashtag?

Use #cranfordporchfest for all your Tweeting, Instagramming and Facebooking needs.

Are there pictures?

You betcha! We hope you'll add significantly this year to our Facebook page. Check out and add to the #cranfordporchfest hashtag on Instagram here.


I've still got questions.

Email us here.


Who organizes this?

The Cranford Porchfest is brought to you by Cranford Community Connection, musicians, and Cranford neighbors, with the added assistance of city officials and the Cranford Police and Fire Departments.

The Details

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